Pokemon Masters Best Sync Pairs and Character Tier List

Pokemon Master is one of the famous mobile games. You can simply install the game on Ios and Android devices. This article will explain pokemon masters best sync pairs and character tier list.


Why want to know about the Pokeman Master Tier List?

You need to form a good team to win the game. So do you know about the players that should be on your team? It is important to know the Pokemon Master Tier list as a player. The best team will lead you towards the team.

You can form a team with your favorite characters. But keep in mind that the right talent will drive you towards win. This list provides a description of the tier list. You can grab information on the players from here.

What are the pokemon masters best sync pairs?

If you are a Pokemon Master player, then the word sync won’t be a new one for you. Sync Pair is a Pokemon Trainer. It appears in any of the pokemon anime/games. Most of the trainers have their appearance and design similar to the recent appearance The strongest sync may be the well-known ones that are using frequently. Some examples are Steven and Metalgross, and Cynthia and her Garchomp.

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You will find one to three roles in sync pairs. Tech, Strike, and Support are those pairs.  Try to get the maximum use of sync pairs wherever necessary.

Tech Sync Pairs

They inflict status debuffs, buffs, and alterations.

Strike Sync Pairs

They focus on killing the enemies. Strike sync pairs get them faint rather than killing on Pokemon.

Support Sync Pairs

You can get used to supporting sync pairs to heal and other buffs. You can recruit them through playing the game’s main story, timed events, and scouting.


The Pokemon Master Tier list will help you to find the best pairs to win the game.


The S-tier sync can turn your battle into a strong one. They have more strength and power. If you want to be competitive in the game, S-Tier syncs will be more helpful.

A-Tier syncs

A-tier syncs also have a considerable amount of power. But they are not powerful as S-tier syncs. It does not sound like you won’t win by keeping them in your team. A-Tier players can also drive you towards wining in Pokemon Master.

B-Tier Syncs

B-tier syncs are the bottom entries in the game. They won’t perform well like the above-mentioned tiers.

C-Tier Syncs

They have scouted characters that you will come across early on during the play. The C-Tier syncs are fairly decent with raw stats.


The weakest pairs are the D-Tier syncs. You won’t find any good reason to use them. They are not much talent to offer you the best results in the game.


Let’s check out the sync pairs included in these tires along with their type.

Sync PairType
Skyla – SwannaSupport
Sygna Suit Elsa – RotomSupport
Sygna Suit Red – Mega Charizard XSpecial Attack Strike
Sygna Suit Leaf – Mega VenusaurTech
Player – TorchicSupport
Cynthia – Mega GarchompPhysical Strike
Steven – Mega MetagrossPhysical Strike
Serena – DelphoxTech



Sync PairType
Brendan – SceptilePhysical Strike
Olivia – Midnight LycanrocPhysical Strike
Sabrina – AlakazamSupport
Steven – Alolan SandslashPhysical Strike
Lyra – MeganiumSupport
Rosa – DelibirdSupport
Karen – Mega HoundoomSpecial Attack Striker
Giovanni – MewtwoSpecial Attack Strike
Will – XatuTech
Blue – Mega PidgeotSpecial Attack Striker
Flannery – TorkoalTech
Sygna Suit Cynthia – Kommo-OSpecial Attack Striker
Acerola – PalossandTech
Agatha – Mega GengarTech



Sync PairType
Sygna Suit Blue – Mega BlastoiseSupport
Drake – SalamenceSupport
Phoebe – DusknoirSupport
Wally – Mega GalladePhysical Striker
Misty – StarmieSupport
Noland – Mega PinsirPhysical Striker
Flint – InfernapeSpecial Attack Striker
Iris – HaxorusPhysical Striker
Player – SolgaleoSpecial Attack Striker
Sygna Suit Grimsley – SharpedoPhysical Striker
Korrina – Mega LucarioPhysical Striker
Cyrus – PalkiaSpecial Attack Striker
Player – PikachuSpecial Attack Striker
Brock – OnixTech
Lance – DragoniteSpecial Attack Striker
Burgh – LeavannySpecial Attack Striker
Caitlin – ReuniclusSpecial Attack Striker
Professor Oak – MewTech
Koga – CrobatTech



Sync PairType
Rosa – SerperiorSupport
Hilbert – SamurottSupport
Roxanne – ProbopassSupport
Glacia – Mega GlalieSupport
Kris – FeraligatrPhysical Striker
Guzma – GolisopodPhysical Striker
Hilda – EmboarPhysical Striker
Bruno – MachampPhysical Striker
Elesa – ZebstrikaPhysical Striker
Ethan – TyphlosionSpecial Attack Striker
Roxie – ScolipedePhysical Striker
Plumeria – SalazzleSpecial Attack Striker
Hau – Alolan RaichuSpecial Attack Striker
Lyra – JigglypuffPhysical Striker
Pryce – DewgongSpecial Attack Striker
Silver – Ho-ohSpecial Attack Striker
Shauntal – ChandelureSpecial Attack Striker
Zinnia – RayquazaSpecial Attack Striker
Ramos – VictreebelTech
Crasher Wake – FloatzelTech
Winona – PelipperTech
Wallace – MiloticTech
Kukui – LycanrocTech
Blaine – RapidashTech
Erika – VileplumeTech
Sophocles – TogedemaruTech
Viola – MasquerainTech



Sync PairType
Jasmine – Mega SteelixSupport
Dawn – TorterraSupport
Leaf – EeveeSupport
Dawn – TorterraSupport
Liza – LunatoneSupport
Cheren – StoutlandSupport
Clay – SeismitoadTech
Bugsy – Mega BeedrillPhysical Striker
Marshal – ConkeldurPhysical Striker
Tate – SolrockPhysical Striker
Norman – SlakingPhysical Striker
Roark – RampardosPhysical Striker
Morty – DrifblimPhysical Striker
Nanu – Alolan PersianTech
Barry – EmpoleonSpecial Striker
Gardenia – RoseradeSpecial Striker
Grimsley – LiepardTech
Lt. Surge – ElectrodeTech
Clemont – HelioliskTech
Candice – AbomasnowTech
Thorton – BronzongTech
Calem – MeowsticTech
Lucy – SeviperTech



Sync PairType
Marley – ArcanineSupport
Cheryl – BlisseySupport
Clair – KingdraSpecial Attack Striker
Maylene – MedichamSupport
Marlon – CarracostaSupport
Wulfric – AvaluggPhysical Striker
Kahili – ToucannonPhysical Striker
Brycen – CryogonalTech
Hapu – MudsdalePhysical Striker
Fantina – MismagiusSpecial Attack Striker
Sygna Suit Brock – TyranitarPhysical Striker
Siebold – ClawitzerSpecial Attack Striker
Mina – GranbullTech
Valerie – SylveonSpecial Attack Striker
Lorelei – LaprasTech
Brawly – HariyamaTech
Grant – AurorusTech


To Sum Up;

The best sync pairs will always help you to succeed in the game. Pokemon Master will give you a new, enjoyable experience. Now, you know about the best Tech, Strike, and Support. You don’t need to have only the pairs in the S-tier list in your team. It is okay to have C, D, or F ones also. Then winning will not be much easier. Play Pokemon Master and keep winning.