What is Ola TV Apk?

The Ola TV Apk is the most popular Android app for watching movies and other shows and allows you to watch various movies and HD format shows. This app has over 50,000 TV channels, which means you have a wide variety of broadcasts. This app gives you everything, no ads, free to use, everything is the video in HD quality, but it demands one thing. You need to have a good internet connection because you may face errors if you do not have a good internet connection. Additionally, you can select a video player to broadcast the live television option.

Moreover, it also allows you to select a server. It means that if one channel on one server does not work, you have the option to change the server and choose another. The Ola TV Apk is free to use, and there are no ads for the new version of this app. However, previous versions of this app had ads, but in the latest update, they removed them. So, that means you can use it without any ad: no registration and subscription plan is required to use this application.

Ola TV Apk for those who like to watch movies and plays?

For people who like to watch TV dramas and movies, the Ola TV Apk is a blessing. You can watch your favorite plays, movies, and comics here. This TV is a live broadcast service that broadcasts all your famous plays anytime, anywhere in the world.

Most versions of Android mobile and android operating system-based devices are supported, so you will not be asked to get a high-end device to get into this app. The application is also supported with hardware, so it can also control gestures with hardware devices such as Fire TV sticks and other TV-controlled devices.

App NameOla Tv Apk
Size11.98 MB
Total downloads60 K+
Last updateFeb 2021
Developed byIPTVDROID
Get it onPlay Store

Description Ola TV Apk

When it comes to the Ola TV Apk, it mainly supports Firestick, Windows PC, Android, and more devices. Download the APK (MB) version to upgrade Ola TV (Android TV) fast, for free, and save your internet data. Download the latest OLA TV APK is a free IPTV Android app that allows users to enjoy TV channels worldwide.


Features of Ola Tv Apk

Today, the following features are coming! Although you get a lot of amazing features with this unique app, we will introduce you to some of the most attractive benefits that come with it: Stay tuned until the end if you want to learn and understand its features.

  1. Alert for New Update or Releases:

It is beneficial to notify you about new releases or new app updates of your favorite seasons or episodes. With each update, new movies, plays, and channels are added to the library. Therefore the user will never leave the library of new content.

  1. User Interface

The interface of this application is straightforward and clear, and it does not require prior skills. Users who do not have technical skills can use this app very easily.

  1. Search Filters

The search filter is one of its best features, and users search for the content they want. And everything appears as a list so that the user can select what he needs.

  1. Easy Offline Downloads:

In the OLA TV app, users can download their favorite videos and watch them offline whenever they want. Not only this, but he can also share this video with his friends or family. To download a video, click on the download option next to the video, and your video will start downloading.

  1. Third-party Video Player Support:

In other TV apps, you only need to use the inbuilt video player to watch the videos, but this is not the case with Ola TV. You can play your video with any video player you want. It supports the most popular video players such as VLC, MX Player, etc.

  1. Free to use

Ola TV is completely free to use, and you do not have to pay any fees for installation or in-app purchases. Additionally, a subscription to this TV is free, and you will no longer be asked to pay anything for a monthly subscription.

  1. IPTV Channels

Being based on IPTV Ola TV Apk will allow you to watch content from all over the world. This application will stream almost 5 thousand TV channels from across the globe.

Based on the IPTV OLA TV Apk, you can view content worldwide. The app broadcasts over 5,000 TV channels worldwide. You will find the diversity of local and international media. You will not only be able to watch channels in your area, but you will also be watching from all over the world in India, UAE, Canada, and many more. Ola TV broadcasts your favorite channels worldwide, and you are solely responsible for watching TV channels in your state and country.

  1. 4k Movies & Videos:

With the help of Ola TV Apk, you can watch 4K videos and movies on your mobile. That’s why watching movies on this app is so much fun. By default, Ola TV plays 4K video, but the video quality changes according to your internet speed.

  1. Privacy

The Ola TV app only asks for registration once. After that, you will not be asked to provide more personal information. Sounds to secure and install your application. This application is ad-free. Consumers will not be bothered by pop-up ad notifications.

  1. Categories

Users are no longer responsible for viewing only one category of content. There is much variation between content and entertainment, funny, action, and so on.

  1. Content in Multiple Languages:

This feature of the Ola TV Apk is known worldwide. In this app, you can view content not only in English but also in different world languages. This app will find movies and web series in English, Indonesian, Hindi, Spanish, French, and more languages.


Does Ola TV Lack Something?

This app is incredible, but like other software, it has some disadvantages. Let’s look at them briefly:

  • Interface Poor interface
  • Not available for iOS
  • If your country has strict pirate laws, we recommend using a VPN to hide your location.



So there is no doubt that the Ola TV Apk is the best app charm for all the features that can see on any television. For fun, you can try this app at least once.

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