05 Legit Money Making Apps That Pay You Real Money (2021)

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Here is What No One Tells You About money making apps for android phones. You know what? there is a lot of scamming and fake money making apps and games in the google play store. With this article, you can recognize what are the best money making apps for android that pay real money for their users. Gamercle always provides unique and useful information for our visitors.

I think you have a question like what are the best apps to make real money, that is why you landing on this article.

At the end of this article, you will get a clear picture about money making apps games, I’m pretty sure about that.

Money making apps 2021

1. Toloka

Bref info: Here is one of the best android Money making apps that actually work 2021. We can see this application has positive and critical reviews on the google play store. If you have free time in your day? then “Toloka” is the way you can earn some extra income. Just you need to complete tasks and get rewards. This is an android application developed and offered by Yandex Services AG for Android users from all around the world who want to earn money in their free time by completing tasks from a computer or smartphone.

You can use Toloka on your smartphone. Otherwise, you can use toloka on your computer with their official website. https://toloka.yandex.com/

Although you can download this application directly from the google play store, it’s available to download in the Lifestyle category.

Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill

Pros: No special knowledge/ skill is required. They gave instructions to complete the tasks.

Cons: Some people said the registration process is a little bit difficult. But with my experience, I’m not going to say that is correct.


2. ClipClaps

Bref info: This is another real application that pays real money. I can also define it as game apps that pay you real money. Just you need to complete easy tasks like watching their videos, play mini-games to earn Clapcoins (Clapcoins is equal to the dollar/ 100,000 Clapcoins = 1 USD). After you collect some amount of Clapcoins then you can exchange the coins into USD. Additionally, as usual, this application has a referral program like other money-making apps. This is not like others scamming money making apps games like shoot cubes 2048 (100% fake). Also, you should be aware of what is fake, not paying online money-making apps, I think.

Payment method: Paypal

Pros: No need for any special knowledge is required to earn money with this application. Just need a smart device like a tablet, android smartphone, or iPhone. Another good thing that we can see, Clipclaps is available in both google play store and apple store.

Cons: With my own experience I can say that you have to spend more additional data to play online games and watch videos. Another bad thing is second withdrawal limit is 12 USD. It’s a high amount, I think.

money making apps

3. Fiverr

Bref info: If you have some special skill or knowledge like video editing, graphic/ web design, programming then there is no doubt you become a rich person within a short time period. no one can stop that, I’m sure. Fiverr is an online marketplace that you can sell your service as a seller, even though you can buy any service as a buyer. You can work on Fiverr and earn real money with the above-mentioned skills. No need to worry about if you haven’t any skills. Just learn new skills whatever you like then you can earn unlimited money with Fiverr flatform.

Payment method: Bank transfer, PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, and Direct Deposit

Pros: You can earn unlimited money. No age limit and anyone can buy or sell services from this platform without requiring much technical knowledge.

Cons: If you are a new seller, you have to wait some time to take your first order and become a top-rated seller.

4. Upwork

Bref info: This is another platform where connects sellers and buyers. In other words, you can sell your skill through this platform just like Fiverr. Therefore you have had your own special skill like web design, video editing to work with this platform.

Payment method: Paypal

Pros: There is no age limit.  This platform is offering jobs/ works in almost every field, so it’s an open opportunity for every person.

Cons: Little bit difficult to get orders than fiverr. Getting hired for a job is always challenging for beginners because a lot of professionals, skilled people are already working on this platform, but it provides healthy competition.

5. News Pie

Bref info: If you are looking for real money making apps for iphone devices? Here is one with over 500k downloads and a lot of positive feedback. Yes, It’s not too bad. Just you need to read their news and complete little tasks to earn money. Do you know what is the cool thing? This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, this app is not available to download directly from the play store for some countries like Sri Lanka. But no need to worry about that, you can download apk file from a trusted source on the internet.

In addition, you can check there is the same company that offered Clipclaps and News pie both applications.  Anyway, you can trust the news pie applications because of that.

Payment method: Paypal

Pros: No special knowledge/ skill is required.

Cons: We can see News Pie app users are saying that is really hard to earn points/ money. This is a good money making apps 2021 but it takes a lot of time to reach the minimum payout.


Finalize this article;

Finally, I just want to highlight to you that there is a lot of fake, not-paying apps, games in the play store and app store. Gamercle is always protecting our visitors, is that so, before installing any money-making app to your smartphone, tablet, or any smart device. You need to read user reviews, which means you can get an idea what is the picture, experience they have with that application. Just try to avoid install applications with a lot of bad reviews. Good luck with your online life.