Mobile Legends Double 11 Lottery allows players to win permanent skin for free by getting token

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The Double 11 Carnival has come back in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We’re currently in November, well-known for shopping sales and discounts, especially November 11th. These sales are often held in games to and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no exception.

According to developers, Double 11 Carnival is going to be the biggest discount of the year. The release of Double 11 Lottery has been announced on Mobile Legends’ official Twitter handle.

By participating in the Double 11 lottery, you stand a chance to win the great prize pool and also an opportunity to win permanent in-game skins for free. You need to obtain Double 11 tokens to use them in the game’s Double 11 Lottery.

There are two ways to earn these tokens:

  • Purchase Double 11 token bundles
  • Pre-order the Double 11 Lottery pre-register chests

Let’s have a look at these methods, but before that, just in case you are unaware of what Mobile Legends: Double 11 Lottery is, here is a brief introduction.

Mobile Legends Double 11 Lottery is a chance for players to win skins for free. It has been released within the game and is available in the in-game shop tab, which is accessible from the home screen. It is available for a limited period from November 8th, 2021, to November 18th, 2021, and has all-new exclusive skin for Hayabusa’s Shura. Along with this, “Tesla Maniac” is set to return to the game through the Double 11 Lottery. On top of that, different skins of varying rarities from Collector to Basic, all are available in the Double 11 Lottery.

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Purchasing Double 11 token bundles

Players with extra in-game diamonds can purchase Double 11 tokens by purchasing Double 11 token bundles. There are 3 bundles available at different prices, rewards, and purchase limits. Using 10 diamonds, you can buy a single token. For 88 diamonds, you get a single token + 100 magic dust, and for 180 diamonds, 2 tokens + 200 magic dust.

This is available through the in-game events tab on the Home screen, while you must also know that one double 11 token is worth 1 draw chance in Double 11 Lottery. Additionally, it is exciting to know that three random players will get a chance to win a jackpot worth 50000 in-game diamonds each by buying these bundles. But if you are not the lucky one to win the jackpot, no worries, you will still earn 20 crystals of Aurora for each draw.

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Pre-ordering the Double 11 Lottery Pre-register Chest

Don’t want to spend in-game diamonds for the purchase? Well, you might want to pre-order the Double 11 Lottery pre-register chest, which has no additional charges. You will be credited a Double 11 token for the Double 11 Lottery and up to 1111 Promo diamonds for pre-order. You can use pre-order access available on the in-game events tab.

Mobile Legends has more to offer for the players, like a cumulative recharge reward where players can receive 2 lucky tickets for recharging in-game diamonds for a total of 2 days. Recharge for 3 days, and you get 60 crystals of Aurora, while for 5 days recharge, you will have hands-on Double 11 exclusive Battle Emote “NEXT.”

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