What is Kodi Addons? and Best Kodi Add-ons for August 2021

This article will explain what is Kodi, its features, and the best kodi addons for movies at the theater.

Kodi is a free source software that you can use to enhance your movie experience. It has been introduced as a multi-platform supporting software to increase the safety of the users. The hardware supportability is amazingly higher than similar apps on the internet.

Having the 10 ft user interface is one of the key features Kodi has got.  Simply it can play all types of media files even your typical media player cannot fulfill. When it comes to the other features, you can enjoy movies, tv-series, documentaries, music, and all types of genres that belong to videos.

What Is Kodi Really?

You are free to use it as either your primary or the secondary media player. Since it is supported by leading operating systems such as Androids, Windows, and even iOS, you will not have to bother with installing it.

When it comes to the utmost feature, the software supports almost every file type in the world. Other than that, the player has an awareness of many hardware compacts as well. It lets you have a perfect online experience for the devices you have. When it comes to the types of devices, they include Smart TVs, Smart Phones, iPads, Car Audio systems, and many.

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Does this software 10-foot User Interface?

If you are wondering what is Kodi and what its utmost benefits are, Of course, Kodi contains a 10-foot user interface in its capabilities. When coming to its utmost features, you will be able to use the particular feature to work in different scenarios. Most importantly, the 10-foot user interface or the 3 Meter User Interface is a cool feature when streaming videos on Television. You will watch thousands of videos using the 3 Meter User Interface, which contains movies, TV series, Documentaries like videos.

As a part of the User Interface, a remote can be used to navigate to the settings. Although a handheld remote is something that belongs to the past and the old TV watching, the same tools allow you to enhance the TV experience. The next item to be played, Playlists, and many things can be added to the 10 Foot User Interface.


What are the features that Kodi Lets You Enjoy?

Kodi is a combination of several features that have been introduced for your Video entertainment.

Unlike most of the Software and apps on the internet, Kodi has a reputation that has navigation only for video files. But, surely, it doesn’t disappoint you with the other entertainment categories such as audio, photos, games, and similar stuff. The following examples will prove how crucial the Kodi app is with its features as well.


What factor have you used to tell the difference between a file on the hard disk and the internet? That must be the ability to have access to the movie file in less time. Also, the ability to have a higher number of movies on the hard disk is a good way to tell the difference. Since it is more difficult to find movie files on the internet, you don’t use the internet as a library for sure. Copyrights, unavailability of space, costs, and many things like factors are against you. It means that, even if you can use the internet as quickly as the file explorer, you won’t find a movie so easily. But, thanks to Kodi Software, you get to be the owner of the largest movie library in the world. What is Kodi delivering is a precious gift for a movie fan, having thousands of movies in possession?


 TV Shows

TV shows are the next most available thing for you in Kodi. There can be hundreds of TV series that you love watching. Also, it can be hard to keep them in storage due to a lack of spacing. If you are not willing to pay a monthly or annual fee, Kodi will be a better option than Netflix or Amazon. All you have to do is to install the amazing software on your wanted platform.

Music Is Also an Added Feature

The designers from Kodi states that the music library has not been as large as present any day. Even if your main intention is to have a pleasant experience from the music, that will be a possible thing along with the Kodi software. There are millions of music files that belong to various artists. Most importantly, you have the ability to enjoy them using the search bar and the sorting option.


What Is Kodi Sharing Includes Photo Sharing into the Giant Screen As well?

Having a giant screen along with Kodi is indeed a possibility to do lots of things. Sharing your photos on the giant screen is one of those things. IF you have enough time to share with family, you will be able to send them straight to the big screen. Other than that, it saves more time than sending to a pen drive and then watch on the TV display. As an official, you will enjoy conducting your presentations through the giant screen without many presentation aids as well.


Watch Live Television and Record Too

The Kodi app allows you to watch live TV and record the live feed at that moment itself. Although the app contains thousands of videos, NEWS, and more important things might not be available in there for your preference. The recording feature will be an astonishing feature in such scenarios. When it comes to the MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend like brands, the quality of the feature will always be higher than anyone expects.

You Can Enjoy Games Too

Having a handheld remote indeed something to appreciate for a television. What do you remember when recalling the memories related to a television remote as a child? Indeed, you have the ability to play games using the feature. There are lots of simulators and games that you can play using Kodi. Since the extensions are available for gaming, the gaming experience will be taken to a new level.


Customization is not something that you always get to enjoy for software such as Kodi. But, the platform contains several skins that you can change according to your favor. Different colors, embracing graphics, simple controls, and many things come along with the skins. When it comes to the utmost feature of the customization, that contains the handling ability as well. For example, if you are willing to change the display settings using the Android Smart Phone, that will be a possible thing. Other than that, their era lots of things that you can do.


Best Kodi Add-ons for August 2021

Addons are the next thing that you need to be aware of the Kodi. If you consider what is Kodi and Why You Should Use It, Add-ons will be the big point to decide. Addons let you have ultimate features that the main software doesn’t allow. Here are 05 such Addons that you can extend the Kodi experience.


It is the best addon a user can use to watch Hd videos. There are hundreds of thousands of videos that have been provided with the highest quality. It is smooth, quick, and easy to handle.

The Crew

The Crew Adon allows the users to watch hundreds of TV series and thousands of movies in a categorized method. The best thing about the adon is its contribution to the Sports genre. The adon has got several Sports TV programs that have been categorized in the Sports genre.


The adon has been served with all the features that the YouTube website has delivered. When it comes to the YouTube Adon in Kodi, you can easily keep in touch with live streaming videos, trending videos, and upcoming videos in a friendlier manner than the site delivers.

The Boys

As one of the leading add-ons to dedicate TV series and Movies, The Boys is a must to have on your website. You may stay in touch and watch them as soon as they were released into the internet using this adon.



As a person who is considering facts under “what is Kodi and Why You Should Use It,” you will have plenty of positive things regarding Kodi. First of all, it is open-source software that neither violates your privacy nor freedom. Being a free software and delivering movies and videos for free are the next things that you should think of. Other than that, a huge library, awesome graphics, and uninterrupted playing ability-like features will ensure a great user experience.