Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK 2021

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk has been introduced by JamCity Inc, the popular developer who brought the games like Disney Frozen, Disney Emoji Blitz, and the Cookie Jam. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this will have to be one of your favorite games as the adventure has been the main concern of the developer. Not only that the typical Harry Potter storyline has been introduced for another storyline by the developers.

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Although the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk version has been introduced, the taste for the game remains the same.


Brief info about Harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk

NameHarry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk
App TypeAdventure Strategic
DeveloperJamCity, Inc.
Requires Android4.4 and higher


Along with 50 Million downloads on Playstore, the game has earned a 4.5-star rating which is a great value for an adventure game. Although the game is a breathtaking one for a gamer, microtransactions, upgrades, virtual purchases, and getting into new levels have specified the game as a setback for the gamers. That is one of the reasons to have introduced a MOD version. This article will explain the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk and everything you should know about it.



This game is about your journey to Hogwarts and it hidden secrets. The story begins after receiving your letter to be in Hogwarts. You have to find the train and then beyond, you have to do lots of things for your own story. New alliances, new enemies, and the darkest secrets of Hogwarts have to be uncovered by yourself. , magical creatures, awesome spells, and a whole new world of magic will be in your touch along with this game.

When it comes to the characters, you have to deal with Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledore, and most of the cast you have met in the Harry Potter Franchise. Furthermore, you will be able to travel to places where you have experienced a few of your greatest moments in the Harry Potter Film Franchises as well. When it comes to the places built by the developer, you will be able to enjoy them too.  Although purchases can set you back, this harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk will keep you comfortable with the upgrades and in control of the game.


Learn Witchcraft

  • Your target is becoming a witch. To do that, you have to learn the Wizardry’s basic elements, spells, magical equipment, and the ability to control the powers.
  • Unlocking powerful spells, discovering new magic portions, and finding new places with magical potentials are going to be your main tasks to be the person you are supposed to be.
  • When it comes to the ultimate goal of yours, you have to earn your place among the students and put your name second to Harry Potter, the greatest wizard world ever saw.


The New Story Line Of Your Brother’s Disappearance

Although you have already finished the game, there are lots of things that you should find out. New investigations based on your brother’s mysterious disappearance, searching for more puzzles, and stepping onto the new storyline will be the next thing to do. If you are limited in resources and necessary things, this harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk will help you with that.  The lobe story of yours is going to be another thrilling experience for sure. All you have to do is to let it flow.



One of the greatest features of the game is its customization scope. You are free to make changes t your character and turn her into a different person using the cloaks, hats, hairstyles, and lots of accessories that you can be turned into a legendary wizard.


Super vivid graphics

The 1980s awesome colors have been depicted in this game quite awesomely. You will be taken back in time to remind you of the time when Harry Potter’s parents stayed in love before Harry potter. The 3D graphic designing gas has been perfectly in balance with the colors. Along with the amazing sound effects, you will feel like walking along the corridors of Hogwarts.  When it comes to the animation parts, the effects have been I great shape that should be supposed to be in a magical game.


What Do I Get From Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK?

Following 04 vital things will be yours along with Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk.


Unlimited Energy

Your energy is what it requires to become the winner in fights between a duo. You can have unlimited energy along with the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod version which means, you are always a winner. Other than a fight, you can use the energy to perform specific spells, unlock specific powers, and solve a mystery a swell.

Unlimited Gems

Specific unlocks are available for a player who has to use gems. Special levels, specific events, fights, mysteries, new costumes like things require gems to have unlocked these things. You can have unlimited gems for those claims without any reduction. The most important thing is the continuous flow of gems which means every time you turn on the game, you are getting a filled gem counter.

Free Shopping

Shopping is one of the thrilling experiences you may get along with eth harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk. You can simply buy things from the stores. New costumes, events, special spells, new games, new stories, and lots of things will be unlocked with the free shopping. If your main intention is to become the iconic witch of all time, shopping will have to be a major feature to refer as well.

Infinite Number Of Notebooks

Notebooks are considered a limited asset in the harry potter Hogwarts mystery game. Thanks to the MOD version, you can have an infinite number of notebooks which is useful to reach your goals quicker than anyone else.  Along with the increased energy, gems, and shopping capability, notebooks will be an embracing thing for gamers.


How To Install Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk

  • You should Allow the Unknown Sources in the settings first. You may find this setting after launching a search in the settings’ search panel.
  • Find a reliable link that delivers the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk and proceeds with the downloading.
  • Navigate to the file that has just been downloaded. You may find it in the Downloads folder.
  • Launch the installation by just tapping on the downloaded file. The installation will be completed within a minute. Now you are free to play the game along with every benefit!


Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk common questions and answers;

How do I know that I just downloaded the right file?

You may verify it by checking the file size of the downloaded apk file. If it is the right file, that will be in a size of around 150MB.


Is it illegal to use the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk for the installation?

Of course not. You are free to play the game and no one will consider you a cheater. What this specific file does is unlock some embracing features for you.


Should I copy and paste additional files along with the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk installation?

Only the completion of the installation will be enough.

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