Geocaching – World’s Largest Treasure Hunting Game

If you are an adventure person, most probably you must have run out of options at present. The geocaching premium apk is one of the latest games that users get to enjoy all the adventure elements at nice and all together. The game is dedicated to those who love seeing the surrounding in a new way and enjoy what they have.

Once you entered the game, you will be able to enter a whole new world where millions of treasures have been hidden in an impressive manner. This content will explain all you need to know about the geocaching app and its geocaching premium apk mod version.

What is geocaching premium apk?

Geocaching is an adventure game. Unlike the other adventure games, the atmosphere of the game is where you live. There are treasures that you need to find to complete levels. It is an in-app purchasing required game which means you have to pay a monthly charge to enjoy the game.

However, you are free to use the geocaching premium apk to skip these charges as well as to get more premium options. Although you are not a premium user or not, you get to enjoy the game for sure.


Game Details

Size37 MB
DeveloperGroundspeak Inc.
Package Namegeocaching premium apk
Android RequiredV05 or higher
Price$5.99 – $29.99 per each download
VerificationNot required


Good For Your Health

This game comes under Health and Fitness. Literally, this game will help you to reduce your weight, improve blood circulation, and get rid of all kinds of health issues pretty easily. Although entertainment is what the game developer publishes, good health will be a vital outcome for you.

Special features You Get Along with the geocaching premium apk

After setting up the geocaching premium apk file on your Android phone, you will get the premium ownership for free. It will unlock lots of features including these embracing ones.

Messaging Between Players

Special tip-sharing will be a great way to let others know what you have got. Also, you may get to know special tips from veterans using the messaging feature.

Adjustments will make everything smooth

One of the features the app has is the preferences that you can set for yourself. The geocaching premium apk provides allows you to set your navigational and distance settings. This will assist you when achieving huge goals step by step.

Hidden Features

The most important thing about the game is the ability to discover new things. The surprising element has been used by the developer in an impressive manner. The longer you play the more you will addict. When it comes to, the more you go, the more you will find new surprises.

Photo Sharing

Adding a photo will let others know how long you have played the game. Adding new memories along with the game will be a fascinating thing to do.


How To Install the geocaching premium apk

  • As you already know, the geocaching premium apk app is costly with the purchasing. The best way to save your money is to install the geocaching premium apk using a third-party app store. This is how you should install the geocaching premium mod apk file.
  • You should allow the Unknown Sources in the settings. You should go to settings, and then the security to do that. Also, if you have rooted the phone, that will not be necessary.
  • Download the file from the internet. It should have labeled as geocaching premium.apk. After downloading the file, you have to determine its size by getting to the downloads. If the file size is around 37MB, that will be the file that you need to install.
  • Then you should proceed with the installation process. After the installation is completed, you may enjoy the app for free.


FAQ About Geocaching Premium Apk

1.) Is geocaching premium apk dangerous to use?

It is all about concentration. Although several people had stated that the app could be dangerous and can hit by vehicles, it is not so. The more you give focus to the game, the more you will use to stay in touch with the surrounding.

2.) Is it safe to use the geocaching app?

Of course. At a time when there is a pandemic in society, you will have some restrictions to follow. Other than that, being prepared for the adverse effect will keep you always safe.

3.) Should I use geocaching premium after a subscription?

The best thing to do is to install the standard versions. After having an idea, you will be able to use the premium version or the geocaching premium apk for playing the full game. Most importantly, you should not purchase the premium version as there is a MOD version for the game.

4.) Where is the geocaching premium apk restricted?

There are some parts of the world that have been restricted from caching. The National Forest wilderness and Wilderness area have restricted similar kinds of apps.

5.) Why is the geocaching premium so addictive?

The adventure desire is one of the characteristics the man has. When it comes to the present day, digitalization has spread all over the world which has limited the adventure aspects. Geocaching is a digital adventure app that an entire family can hunt modern treasures and enjoy.



Geocaching is a great way to enjoy your surrounding. Although you are an adult, you will find this app to be more optimizing for your health than any regular app as well. When it comes to the kids, you should always stay in keep as they are about to go out of your reach. As the final thing to note, you should be aware of the legal clearance as the geocaching apk is restricted in the wilderness.


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