Genshin Impact: Seventh Samurai Quest guide for easy completion

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Genshin Impact has many quests in various regions. One of them is The Seventh Samurai. But compared to other quests, it’s unique and interesting. So, here we will explain how to progress in the quest and point out the locations of the quest materials and characters. This guide will focus on everything from the start to the completion of the Seventh Samurai.

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Seventh Samurai Quest

The Seventh Samurai quest’s name is a reference to the Japanese film Seven Samurai, which was directed by the legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. In this quest, you need to speak to Xavier, an NPC that players encounter during the Tatara Tales quest. He needs help shooting a film. This quest can only be accessed by completing the Tatara Tales quests.

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Completion of the Seventh Samurai Quest

Once the player completes the series of Tatara Tales quests, the NPC Xavier is relieved of the burden of fixing the Mikage Furnace. Now, Xavier is free to pursue his filmmaking interests, which is why he traveled from Fontaine to Inazuma.

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Where to start the quest?

Players can find Xavier on an island that is on the right of the main Inazuma city. A small blue “!” may also be seen at the place of the quest that will guide players to the location. A small task will be given to them related to a scene from the film The Seventh Samurai, where the player will be the main character. The script includes a fight with fate.


Here are the steps for finishing the quest:

  1. A camera frame is placed on the screen, and the player needs to be in the camera frame, or the quest will fail. But no worries, there is always a chance to retry it.
  2. Destroy your enemies within the 1-minute time limit.
  3. Spots on the screen will appear and the player needs to change position three times.
  4. Once all the requirements are complete, speak to Xavier to end the quest and receive rewards.


Rewards received post-quest

After completion, players will receive 20K Mora, 200 Adventure Rank experience, 20 Inazuma Reputation rewards, and 30 prime gems.