Genshin Impact developer miHoYo allows sale of fan-made merchandise

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Are you a Genshin Impact fan? Are you also interested in creating customized or, say, fan-made art cosplays or other stuff? Then there’s some good news for you. Genshin Impact has issued updated guidelines and announced that it will allow the sale of custom or fan-made Genshin Impact merchandise.

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This decision came from Genshin Impact after it saw a lot of backing from the fanbase. Although, it started garnering fan praise last year. But as per the updated guidelines released on November 10, 2021, the sales of fan Genshin Impact merchandise will be made according to the regulations issued, which say the following:

  • The novels or stories based on the Genshin Impact are eligible for sale
  • Before gaining authorization from the miHOYO, one can sell up to 500 items
  • If you are selling items as a group, then only 200 units are allowed for sale
  • One needs to have an official declaration for authorization for the fan-made figures/Nendoroid plastic figures or other figurines

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Fan-made Genshin Impact Merchandise: A Sigh of Relief

The love and appreciation from the fans are not limited to just playing the anime-based game, but it is much more than that. They so strongly love and adore the game that they even create merchandise like stickers, key chains, and art. Although these items require hard work, they also need recognition because it’s not easy to create them, especially for independent artists. It could be difficult in terms of finances that deal with manufacturing costs.

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