What type of game is Epic Seven?

The epic seven is a role play game developed by Smilegate mega port. The game has scored a 4.4-star rating in Playstore along with 500,000 downloads on the play store. If you are about to enjoy this game, you will have to know lots o things about the game to be a winner in the end. The story, characters, special tips as well as gaming modes will have to be in your attention.  This article will deliver an epic seven beginner guide and everything you should know about the game.

As a role-playing game, it is vital to have an understanding of the epic seven-game. This article will deliver an epic seven beginner guide.


As the first thing to remember in the epic seven beginner guide, you have to understand the nature of the game. The epic seven is a game with lots of additional features. Not just the charters in the game, but the levels, locations, stats, and even the NPCs have got a lot to do with the game.  When it comes to vampires, androids, heroes, demons, and beastmen, they are the main characters in the game. You will have to play and drive your character into the deep of the 7 worlds.


Getting the best heroes at the beginning

You are allowed to have 30 rerolls and choose 10 heroes as you desire. You must remember that this is for you to choose wisely. In the very beginning, you have to chase a ten re-roll for your heroes and it will give you enough strength to collect coins and settle in a strong position. The most important thing is to move to the next levels with the replacements. Although what you get as heroes are for free, you must go for the replacement who can resist the attacks and cause higher damages.

Understanding The Currency Stem

The currency system of the game is crucial when looking for the epic seven beginner guide. You will e babel to make purchases as well as make upgrades for the characters you have. More importantly, you are going to need to farm and earn more currencies.

According to the professionals, you have to go for the healers as the first thing. Since the healing costs more currencies, you don’t have to save currencies for future purchases.

The Tier List Of Epic Seven

Following are the characters that you need to pay attention to while playing the game as a beginner. Each one will hold specific potentials along with sets of skills.

S Tier List

Name Of the HeroRating
Arbiter Vildred5-star
Auxiliary Lots4-star
Seaside Bellona5-star
Ruele of Light5-star
Martial Artist Ken5-star
Specter Tenebria5-star
Arbiter Vildred5-star


A Tier List

Elphelt Valentine5-star
Adventurer Ras3-star
Blaze Dingo4-star
Crimson Armin4-star


B Tier

Assassin Coli4-star
Maid Chloe5-star
Last Rider Krau5-star
Shooting Star Achates4-star


C, D, And F Tier Lists

Holiday Yufine5-star
Dark Corvus5-star
Commander Lorina3-star
Troublemaker Crozet4-star
Roaming Warrior Leo4-star


Conclusion About The Epic Seven Beginner Guide

If you are a beginner at the game, you will have to be careful when choosing the characters. The tier list will help you to do that as a sure thing. If you are not interested in having an epic seven MOD apk to get things easy, you will have to follow the standard strategies to save your earned coins and make purchases.


People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • Who is the better character in level 7?

Ras is considered to be the better character in level 7. He has got amazing skills and an increased healing speed which helps to recover quickly. When it comes to the damage he can do, that is the highest by a protagonist as well.


  • How do I unlock the characters in Level 7?

You can get into events and play to unlock the characters as a sure thing. Also, playing in the same level, the use of epic seven MOD apk, and unlocking other areas may help you to do that.


  • Should I make microtransactions to unlock new levels?

You don’t have to do that as a vital thing. But, if you want to unlock new levels quickly without playing the game and collecting coins, you will have to buy virtual coins for sure.


  • Is epic seven available in Playstore?

Yes, you can easily download the game from the play store and app store.