How to Install “Diablo Immortal Apk” on Android Devices?

The most popular “diablo immortal” PC game is now available for users. This article will tell the things you should know and How to install “diablo immortal apk” on android devices.

Gamers get the privilege to enjoy apps on both Desktop and Android versions after finding the popularity. “Diablo Immortal” is such a gaming app that has been introduced for both Androids and PCs. After the initial success it gained from the PC version, the game has now been introduced as an Alpha version for mobile gamers. Amazing graphics, slash origin, and impressive role play-like factors have made the game a hit among the players.

The classic role play game was supposed to be revealed in 2018, and then the date drew back to 2020. After the Pandemic, it is now for the Android gamers as the first Alpha release. Every Android user is free to play this game, and it doesn’t require a long Installation process nor more technical knowledge.

What is Diablo Immortal?

It is a famous first-person role-playing game that got the attention of the whole world with its awesome graphics and role-playing. The story runs between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. The mythical storyline runs on several characters. You get to control your character in a world where the worldstone is shattered, and the Archangel Tyrael is dead, according to the beginning of the story. As the commencement of the new game series, the “diablo immortal apk” will provide you the satisfaction for sure for your mythical storyline playing. Several trailers were featuring to make the suspense since last year, which finally came true this year.

The game is a touch screen game that requires your touching capability to run the character on the game successfully. Gestures, quick responses will make you’re the ultimate commander in the game. However, the ability to use of Keyboard and mouse will always keep you more effective than the touch screen. Directional controls, single click to gain power, hot bar aiming, and easy equipment has stepped up as the most embracing features.

Being a multiplayer action game, you can meet other characters who have different warrior abilities and slashing skills in the game. Dropping out of the local groups and getting into the dynamic mass events will be other things to do at the multiplayer level. When it comes to the forum, you will be made aware of the latest strategies, weapons, and other things about the game.

Westmarch is one of the places where the gameplay takes place. You can get into the streets and enjoy the monuments in the city. The time has been set in a time when Malthae’s corruption has not taken place. You are free to engage with different types of rivals and friendlies to fight. When coming to the other places, Ashwood cemetery is a horror-looking place where you can enjoy a terrifying experience. You will find lots of memories related to Queen Asylla. Located near her birthplace, the cemetery has her remains. After the recovery of Diablo II, the DarkWood is a place that has got the touch of terrifying creatures. A dark and evil spirit has returned to the Dark forest in recent times.


How to install “diablo immortal apk” on android devices

Installation of the game requires just a few steps. After the successful installation, you are free to get into the most enthusiastic and embracing mythical Android game so far. This is How to install “diablo immortal apk” on android devices.

Finding The Download Link.

The very first thing is to find a proper APK file labeled as the “diablo immortal apk.” Because one small mistake will let malware into your phone, since it has not passed much time since the release of the Alpha version, it is difficult to find the File.  This link will let you have what you are looking for. 11:40 AMeh best way to know if it is the right file is by being aware of the file size. The “diablo immortal apk” is exactly 82MB. If the file you downloaded is below the mentioned amount, that might be malware or a virus.

Enable Unknown Sources In The Settings

Since you are not allowed to install the APK files from other sources except PlayStore, you should put the tick on Allowed Unknown sources. Go to settings and search for the Unknown sources to get there quickly.

Additional Data

It is important to note that you have to let your phone go the extra mile of 3.3Gm to get the rest of the game. Although the initial download is 82MB, you should continue the complete download for another 3.3GB. Therefore, it is essential to proceed to the installation with enough data for your Android Mobile.

VPN Is Vital

Since it is about the Alpha version of the game, the entire world is not eligible to play the game. Therefore, you might not be able to play the game according to your IP address. Being one of the allowed countries for the “diablo immortal apk,” Australian users can enjoy the game. There is nothing to be afraid of if you use a VPN. All you have to do is to download a VPN and enable it before launching the game.


After turning on the VPN and setting it for Australia, you will be able to get into this amazing game. The more you play, the more you will get to know about the game.


If you are wondering How to install “diablo immortal apk” on android devices and other phones such as Apple phones, you are free to enjoy the game on iOS devices. This is how to do that. You will not have to bother as an Android user had to work to get the Alpha version installed on his Android device.

It is important to get into the official website of the game and proceed to the pre-register. You are going to need a Blizzard account that lets you enjoy various things in the game. If you haven’t played any game with the Blizzard account, you will have to create a new account. Indeed, it is for free. After the pre-registration is complete, you will be notified by an email stating that you are free to download the game from the AppStore.



You can enjoy this game for free. Although the Alpha is a bit tiresome stuff for Android gamers, let’s hope Blizzard will deliver their complete version in the near future. If you are an iOS user, you will not have to bother as Android users did searching on How to install “diablo immortal apk” on android devices as the official Alpha is just a pre-registration away.