Destiny Child Tier List; The Complete Guide

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The destiny child game is one of the best Role-Playing Games along with a new theme. Players have to play the game in a realm known as the infernal realm where the card finding is the main task to be fulfilled.  Updates, characters, different sets of skills, embracing animations, and graphics have been the main claiming of the game for a promising one.

Since the number of characters for this game is higher than a usual game, the tier list has been prepared for ease of playing. Here are destiny child tier lists that can make you a perfect player within a couple of minutes after reading and understanding.

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Destiny Child Tier List July 2021

The destiny child tier list can be expanded even up to the letter F from the S, Superb standard. Since the game doesn’t have lots of characters as the other RP games, it will be enough to contain the characters in a few lists. Therefore, the mentioned lists contain S Tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and the D Tier. It will be helpful if you remember that the S Tier list is for the best characters and the D tier list is for the worst characters a gamer can have.

destiny child tier list

S Tier/ Destiny child tier list

The S tire consists of the God-looking characters whom you may find the best characters a gamer can have. They are immune to lots of strikes, have amazing damaging skills, and have the quickest healing capabilities other than any character in the game.

The most important thing about these characters in the destiny child tier list is invisibility. If you have one of the characters that have been mentioned under the S tier, you will not be defeated by anyone. You have to remember that the sacrifices and the dedication are what you have to give these characters as they are not easy ones to have.

Name of the characterRole


A Tier/ Destiny child tier list

The A tier list is made of the characters that have got more positive characteristics as well as less weak points. For example, you will find the characters in the A tier lists are vulnerable to the enemies at some points more than the members in the below tiers and have higher healing abilities. The members that are less beneficial than the S tier list and more beneficial than the rest of the tier list are in this destiny child tier list.

Character nameRole
Snow MikuSupport


B Tier/ Destiny child tier list

Simply the B tier list is made of the characters that are vulnerable to the enemies. Although you can give a fight along with the members, you will have to fight hard. The benefit from the characters’ strength will be less than the above tier lists. If you are after the destiny child tier list as you are a new gamer, you will have to fight and others that can replace these members.

Character NameRole
Cube MoaDebuffer
Guardian Chang’eAttacker
Daoine SidheTank
Oracle WerewolfDebuffer
Pretty MarsAttacker
Student EveDebuffer
Ruffian MidasHealer


D Tier/ Destiny child tier list

If you want to go ahead as a beginner, you will have to start with one of these characters, who are not worthy at all.  You will be able to identify various qualities as well as skills in these characters, and you might not find them enough to beat even the weakest enemies of you. The truth is that you have to fight several times with the enemies to go and replace one of these characters. That will be fine as it is crucial to identify various abilities through playing the game with the weak ones.

Name of the characterRole
Red CrossTank
Two-sided MoaTank
Willow DoryeongSupport
Red CrossTank
Two-sided MoaTank


People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • How many tier lists are ether for the destiny child game?

The tier lists or games are things that have been specified by the gamers for the ease of playing. They can be as few as 3 lists as well as long as 10.


  • Is it cheating to use a tier list when playing games?

The use of destiny child tier list is not a formal way to play or win games. However, it cannot be stated that the tier lists are a way to cheat either. What these lists do is to make realized various characters and their specific natures. Although you refer to these destiny child tier lists, it still requires using the mind and the speed to play and win the game. What this tier list does is save the time of yours.


  • Is Destiny Child a good game?

Indeed it is a good game. Along with the new story theme, the game has got an average rating of 4.6 start rating in the play store and recorded over one million downloads to state the popularity of the game. Since it has got almost every taste of a game, it will be a good game for you as well.


  • What does it mean by the destiny child tier list?

The destiny child tier list game consists of hundreds of characters whom you have to use while playing the game. Although you are free to fight and earn more characters it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to be the winner. There are specific skills and specific abilities for the characters that you may discover yourself. The list has made easy to identify those set of skills and special things you should know.