How to Install Catmouse Apk on Android Phone?

Catmouse apk is one of the most trusted streaming apps on the internet. This article will let you know about the cat and mouse apk and How to install “cat and mouse apk” on android devices.

Lots of TV streaming apps are coming onto the Application stores regularly. But they have not been able to keep their momentum due to several reasons. When it comes to some of them, the inability to expand their lists, containing unwanted features, least trustability having fewer features and lack of rights can be mentioned.

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What is a Catmouse Apk?

Simply it is the only reliable source to watch thousands of TV programs without being interrupted. The Application facilitates live streaming as the first feature and downloading as one of the other features. Users can watch their favorite TV programs related to different genres with the right version of the app. However, ad display is a way to earn money for the developer. But, Cat and Mouse app won’t display one single ad making sure the best experience for the users. If you are an Android user, this app will have to be among the online streaming choices.

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Features of Catmouse Apk

When it comes to maximum satisfaction, you are able to enjoy more features by the app.


It’s free of ads

The app comes with ads. But, along with the right choice of version, you will be able to stream free of apps. Non-interrupted streaming will be as same as watching programs on the device’s storage.

Different Qualities

From 480p to 1080p, videos are available for your watching. It makes this app the best selection for users all around the world with different internet access capabilities. The auto quality selection mode will enable you to stream videos as per your device’s network capability.

Use your own Player

Either the MX player or VLC player can be your favorite player on the phone. If you feel uncomfortable with the in-built player f the Cat and Mouse app, you will be able to use one of your favorite third-party player’s apps for the streaming. It will be as simple as watching a video on your device’s storage.

No data exposure and Privacy violation

It is hilarious to see that some of the apps ask for unacceptable permissions while installing apps. When considering the Catmouse apk, it just asks for the internet and the file explorer in case of downloading a video. You can trust this app to be one o the most trusted apps internet without violating privacy. Neither email nor contact details will not be required if you are not happy to interact.

Movie Calendar

If you are a person who is constantly counting days for the new movies and episodes, the calendar will be the best feature you’ve got. It allows you to set reminders and watch them soon after they are released. All you have to do is to mark them for future reference.


Version 2.3 The latest version of the Catmouse apk

The latest version of the Catmouse apk is 2.3, which has brought some amazing features. Being the most admired feature, you will be able to stream videos in 1080 with the bug. The earlier versions had some issues while playing videos in 1080p. When it comes to the tastes of the users, many genres have been added. Anime series have been added to this app for the perfect satisfaction of every genre. Also, the ads have been cleared from Version 2.3 onwards.


How to install “cat and mouse apk” on android devices

It is important to know that the Catmouse apk is not available on PlayStore. Therefore, you have to install it at the risk of allowing a third-party app. However, you will not get any threat regarding the data thefts as the app has ensured the safety of the customers. All you have to do is to find a proper APK file from a trusted website and continuing the installation. This is how you have to do that.

Downloading the file

As the very first thing, you should find the Catmouse apk file, which is not larger than 6MB. If the downloaded file is either larger or smaller than 6MB that will be something that can harm your android device.

Checked Unknown Sources

Allow Unknown Sources iN the Settings is the next thing you should do. To do that, you have to go to settings and search for Unknown sources. It should be checked for the unknown source as you are not allowed to install unknown apps from the internet without a play store origin.

Navigate to the file that has been downloaded

As the next thing, you should go to file manager and locate the downloads folder, which is usually the place for downloaded files. If you have changed the preferences, the relevant folder will contain it.


The installation process won’t take more than a minute as the Catmouse apk is a small file. You won’t have to keep the internet on for the installation either. Therefore, the installation will neither be heavy for the Android OS nor harmful for your data. Then, you will be able to use the app for streaming straight away.



Is it illegal to use this app?

Of course, it is not. You are free from all legal barriers. Watching your favorite tv program won’t cost your properties. But, some of the countries might have raised barriers to the apps functioning. Therefore, you might skip those restrictions using a VPN.


Can I download Catmouse apk from PlayStore?

Nope. You don’t get to enjoy the app on PlayStore. But, it doesn’t mean that you cant install it on Android devices.


What are the Other Devices that I can use this app?

Although most of the users prefer to use it on Android Phones, it is available for Android television. You will be able to get the best quality using Android TV. Since the app supports HD streaming along with 4K, that will be an added feature.


Why is the app downloaded from PlayStore titled “Catmouse apk” not working?

It is obvious to have a couple of apps with the same name. When items to the cats and mouse, there are several apps. Since the live streaming app known as Catmouse apk is not available on the PlayStore, you will get another app. In fact, it is a small game that is available on PlayStore.


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