How to Install “Airpin Pro Apk” on Android Devices?

AirPin pro apk is an app that can be used for multiple tasks. Being its most utmost feature, screen mirroring is the best feature it has. Screen mirroring allows you to get rid of a small display that is harder to keep looking at. It is beneficial for having a clear vision of the things on a small display. For example, if you are tired of reading an EPUB, the app will facilitate a great experience for you. Here are such things that you need to know about the app.

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How can Screen Mirroring be beneficial for you?

There is not just one way but many. Although the main intention is to expand the size of the display, you may get relief from your eyes. Especially, graphic designers use these kinds of tricks to enjoy their creations. Since the small touch display is a nice way to draw and create vector images, they tend to use tablets and smaller devices. When it comes to the reviewing, they will need a larger display. Since sharing or viewing the image using a flash drive is a longer process, they use these kinds of strategies.

Being a typical customer, you may enjoy similar benefits. Conducting a meeting, presenting a video, watching an HD movie, reading a book, and there can be various occasions when you need this app. Simply, if you are enjoying a family video, the app will do a tremendous duty when playing it on occasion.


What are the devices that the app can use?

AirPin pro apk can be used along with monitors, televisions, tablets, and even iPad-like devices. All you have to do is to connect the devices. Since the connection doesn’t take more than few seconds, it will be a great way to fulfill your need.


Why Does it have to be the AirPin Pro but not the AirPin Standard?

Some users have complained that the free version is filled with bugs that cause frequent sticky situations. They have had sudden stops while working in a meeting which had then been embarrassing in front of the audience.  Also, lots of the features have not been available in the free version.

When it comes to the sharing ability, AirPin pro apk can share up to 04 devices at once. It means that you are free to enjoy live videos, music, video, and everything that your phone can play.

The Pro version is an upgraded version that doesn’t contain any sticky displays. As a professional, you have to use the AirPin pro apk for better fulfillment.


The AirPin Pro has got both Airplay and DLNA features to facilitate a better experience.


Features of the App

YouTube Streaming

YouTube was a media where the videos were contained. But, it has become a source for many HD videos. Although you have a better speed for your device, the size of the display will be a matter to be reconsidered. AirPin Pro has full control of YouTube streaming through the desired display.

Best Way To Conduct Slideshows

As an employee, you have to conduct slideshows on several occasions. When it comes to the typical way, projectors, cables, adjustments, and there might have been several things you had hated. But, the AirPin Pro lets you conduct a simple slide show with no prior preparation.

DLNA and UPnP support

It is not just about playing with the Airplay but both DLNA and UPnP support. Since most people expect to use these features in a mirroring app, you will never have to be afraid of not having DLNA and UPnP support.

Supports Windows

Although most of the devices play dead with the AirPin Pro, you are free to use Windows OS to use its monitor for the app. It is just an amazing thing to do. All you have to do is to introduce your device to Windows. Then, you may get access within a couple of seconds. However, even other displays such as TVs, iPads, and similar displays won’t take much time to connect.

Improved Privacy and Security

As an app that requires frequent internet connecting, it ensures the safety of your data and your device. Also, you don’t have to bother with providing some permissions to the app, such as internet and personal information, as they take responsibility for the permissions they ask for.

It’s ad-free

As you have to pay the pro-fee earlier, you don’t have to wait your time watching ads. Since some of the standard free apps require ad watching, that will be embarrassing as it is not just you watching at the shared display.

No Updates and No rooting are required

Although the AirPin Pro is not available in the PlayStore, you don’t have to root your phone for the installation. All you have to do is to allow the Unknown Sources in Settings. When it comes to updates, they are essential. You can set automatic updates to have them installed when you are not using the app.


How to Install AirPin pro apk on android devices

It is vital to uninstall the app in the play store to proceed to the AirPin pro apk installation. You may choose either the PlayStore menu or the Settings to do that. After that, you should locate the AirPin pro apk on the internet and download it. The file size for the AirPin pro apk is around 37 MB.

As the second step, you have to check the Unknown Sources in the settings, which only lets you install the AirPin pro apk on an Android device.

Then, you should locate the downloaded file and install the file. The installation doesn’t take more than 15 seconds.

After the installation, you are free to enjoy AirPin pro apk and its features.



AirPin Pro is a perfect app for sharing displays. The app is a great one due to the features mentioned above. If you follow the right guidance on How to install the AirPin pro apk on android devices, you will end up with the right app on your device. Unlike similar apps, watching ads, high data consumption, and security breaches like things will not come as disadvantages.