Does ps4 controller work on ps5?

If you have a PS4 controller and want to use it with your PS5, we can help you set it up so that you can use it with your newer PlayStation without needing to purchase a second pad. You may want to start putting money away for the long haul since, although it is conceivable, there are also some fairly large caveats. Here, though, is all you need to know in the interim about utilizing a PS4 controller with a PS5 system.

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Does ps4 controller work on ps5

Does ps4 controller work on ps5?

The PS4 controller works well with the PS5, but unfortunately, you can only use it to play PS4 games on the PS5. Sony claims that the PS5's unique characteristics exclude the usage of the DualShock 4 with PS5 games. We think it's important for PS5 titles to make use of the platform's new features and capabilities, such as the DualSense wireless controller.

Connecting a PS4 controller to a PS5

Using a PS4 controller is a breeze to set up for games on the PS4. Simply connect it to your PS5 through the included charging cord, and then choose the user account you'd want to use it with. And there you have it. The solution is that simple. When you're done playing PS4 games on PS5, you may disconnect the cord and keep using the PS4 controller. Most PS4 headphones will also be compatible with Sony's new system, but if you want the most cutting-edge audio,

Using a USB connection, you may quickly and easily connect your PS4 controller to your PS5. Plug the Micro-USB end of the cable into the DualShock 4 and the USB-A end into the PS5's USB port. Connect your PS4 DualShock 4 controller to the system via USB. By just pressing the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4, the controller will turn on and connect to your PS5 system. After that (if there is enough charge on the controller), the DualShock 4 may be used without the USB cord.

Turn on your PS5 and go to Settings > General > Bluetooth Accessories to wirelessly link your DualShock 4. (using your PS5 controller). To enable Bluetooth accessories, go to Settings > General. To continue, start by entering pairing mode on your DualShock 4. The PS4 controller must be totally powered down before proceeding. Then, while holding the DualShock 4's Share and PlayStation buttons, the top light should begin flashing quickly.


Only PS4 games may be played on a PS5 with a PS4 controller. With the PS4 controller, you may play PS5 games on a computer or mobile device through the remote play function. DualShock 4 is the official controller for the PlayStation 4. However, it may also be used with the PlayStation 5, albeit only PS4 titles that are compatible with the PS5 will be playable.

Backward compatibility refers to this kind of capability. Essentially, this means that games made for one generation of consoles may be played on another. The vast majority of PS4 titles have been tested and found to work properly on the PS5. Hitman Go, Afro Samurai, We Sing, and a few more from the PS4 library will not run on the PS5. As a result, it's likely that you'll be able to use your PS4 controller with your PS5 game.

The most significant limitation is that using a PS4 controller with a PS5 system will not work. Sorry to break it to you, but you'll need the newest PlayStation hardware to play the newest PlayStation games. Now we have a solution to this problem. In order to play PS5 games on a computer or mobile device, you may enable the remote play function. From that point on, you'll be able to use a PS4 controller to play any PS5 game.

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