Wildscapes Mod APK Unlimited coins and Gems 2021 [Review]

 Most of you have visited a zoo in your childhood. We love animals and love to see their activities when it comes to a zoo. Have you ever dreamed of creating your zoo with lords of animal species? Because this article will take you through a game called Wildscapes which you can download wildscapes mod apk where you can create a zoo by yourself by playing juicy and fruity puzzles. There are a lot of features when it comes to the Wildscape Mod APK. Let’s see what this game will bring to you.



Wildscapes is a puzzle game developed by Playrix that, as its name suggests, follows the same template as Homescapes and Gardenscapes. In this case, instead of cleaning up a park or mansion, you restore a zoo. In the beginning, you only have one animal, but little by little, you can create the most spectacular zoo in the world. Source...


What is Wildscape Mod APK?

The game is based on a zoo where you will have to play puzzles to unlock areas, animals and build a zoo by yourself. As mentioned above, there are puzzles that you need to solve. These puzzles are just like the puzzles in the game called candy crush. Each puzzle contains some kind of reward. When you achieve each level by solving puzzles you will get different areas unlocked to build your zoo.

While you unlock each area, you will unlock animals with those areas as well. As an example, assume that you have unlocked an area. With that area, you will have an elephant with it. Each area contains a different kind of animal. In addition to the animal areas, you can add places such as cafes, fountains, playgrounds, hangout spots which makes your zoo visitor friendly.


Game Feature;

When it comes to the wildscapes mod apk features, to restore a zoo you need to win the match – 3 levels.  There are unique tasks that consist of juicy and fruity puzzles. There are daily tasks. So that, you can earn daily rewards by solving those puzzles. The rewards receiving from each puzzle will help you to grow the zoo areas. While you climb up on the levels in this game, you will have a chance to unlock animals in various kinds of habitats.

In addition to that, there is a custom option that you can use, you can play under custom modes to develop the zoo areas as you like. This is where you can add cafes, playgrounds, hangout spots, fountains, etc. at the beginning of the restoration of areas, animals are not in a happy mood. To make them happy, you need to solve more puzzles and unlock rewards for them and their areas.

While you develop areas, they will gradually become happy. At the start of each puzzle, you will see the animal that will be unlocked, if you win from the puzzle. When you play these puzzles, based on your performance and gameplay, power-ups will be generated, and you can use them in the gameplay to unlock more rewards as well.  Also, there are gems in the puzzles. You can use them to win the puzzle in difficult times. In addition to that, you can purchase items in this game as well.  As an example, you can buy gems.

When building the zoo, you can customize the areas as you wish. For example, if you want to put pandas and elephants closely, you can put them as you like. Also, there are guidelines when you play the game. There are some statements pop-ups from the animals as well. Therefore, for children, this wildscapes mod apk will enhance their reading and thinking skills as well. In addition to that, the game will generate different animal-related to different habitats. Kids can learn about rare animal names, bird species, habitats, and biological names as well.


Pre-Requirements of wildscapes Mod APK

Android OS VersionFrom 4.2 to upper versions
ios DevicesAlso available on ios devices as well.
Size165 MB
Package NameCom.playrix.zoo_m3.gplay
Offered ByPlayrix
In-App Purchases$0.99 - $99.00 per item
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean
Internet ConnectionNeed to have a connection to the internet with a minimum of 3G or WIFI


Wildscapes Mod Apk Download Instructions

The basic pre-requirements have is, you should have a SmartPhone or a tablet with an android version of 4.2 or above to install this wildscapes mod apk. The game is available to install from Google’s Play Store. In addition to that, you can also download the APK file by searching the keyword called “wildscapes mod apk”. when downloading the apk file and install, first you need to enable the settings called “unknown sources’’ of your smartphone or the tablet and then proceed with the installation.

Once you download the wildscapes mod apk, you can start the play from the scratch. To get a better gaming experience on this, you need to give all the required permissions that are requesting while the installation stage of the game. In addition to that, you can buy in-app purchase items to play the game with full of satisfaction.



The wildscapes mod apk is a fun game that will give you some kind of a different experience. No one ever thinks of having their own zoo since it is very difficult to maintain. But those who are interested in this, can download the wildscape Mod APK and enjoy the virtual experience of having their zoo them.

The game is consisting of puzzles. So that, it will improve the player’s strategic and analytical thinking when solving puzzles. Wildscape Mod APK will give you updates on the game frequently. Therefore, you can enjoy the new features of this game without getting bored. Since the developers are mostly focused on user experience satisfaction, the game will give you custom modes that you can enjoy the wildscapes mod apk as you wish.

The wildscapes mod apk is also compatible with lower android versions when compared to the other mobile games. Therefore, no need to worry about if you are having an old smartphone with an older android version. Still, you can play this awesome game on your phone. while you read throughout my article, you would have seen that how fabulous this game is. All you have to do is, just download and install the Wildscapes Mod APK to enjoy this awesome game.

You can download Wildscape via both the App Store and Google Play. If you’re already using it then you can check out our other guides on the app and game below too: 😀

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