Lynx Kik | The Complete Guide

 Kik is one of the greatest messenger apps. It has a Modded version too. This article will explain the features of the typical and the mod version of Kik ap known as Lynx Kik.

Known as mod apps, some of the specially modified apps are always doubtful to install on the phone. There are various reasons behind this scenario as well. Having to download from the internet, including hidden agendas, privacy issues, data violations, and many reasons are behind that. When it comes to the trusted third-party developers, Lynx is one of them.


What Is Lynx?

Lynx consists of well-accepted developers who bring specific features into the apps. They have introduced moded versions for the world's popular apps such as Spotify, Instagram, bliss, and ghost.

Kik is among the apps that have been modified by Lynx for facilitating a better messaging experience. Ability to use the read notification, making more customizations, stealth mode, free of charge, and several benefits are available for a lynx Kik user. This article will clarify what you need to know about the typical Kik app and the Lynx Kik app.


What are the specific features held by the Kik app?

Privacy Is The Number One

Are you tired of cover-up stories made by the messenger app designers? Kik has got a simple way to say its privacy-saying ability. Having exposed its source code, Kik has ensured the safety of the end-to-end encryption along with 100% transparency.

Say or Show, it is up to you.

There is two kind of people in the world, those who send messages and those who use emojis. Other than the emojis, there are thousands of ways to imply your intention. GIFS, animations, small videos, and there are more than that.

Chatting Is Its Simplest Explanation

You are free to chat with one or a group. Being its utmost feature, you can take the chat into an almost 100% natural conference with your loved ones. Assume that you don't have anyone to chat with. At least a bot will be there for you. News, fashion tips, useful quotes, trends, and many things will be available from them for you as well.

It is simply simple

Eye-satisfying graphics is something new for you. Unlike the typical messenger apps, your eyes will not be tired of the eye-breaking colors that emphasize the colors of the logo. Also, the simple interface will be easy to use as well as easy to handle.


Why Should I Refer To Lynx Kik?

The following reasons will justify your need to have the Lynx Kik app.

Higher Customization

The change of graphics is not much relief for you in the typical Kik app. When it comes to the lynx Kik app, you can change from simple graphics to themes pretty easily.  Along with the customization, you have been facilitated the ability to change the app as you want.

Save The Media Into your Storage

The more you use the app, the more you will realize that the app is not allowing you to save some media files. Due to security and privacy reasons, this happens. But, the Lynx Kik version allows you to download any media file into the storage.

Auto Leaving Is  A Privilege

One of the most irritating things is being added to the groups, and you have to manually get ejected. But, you are free to use the "Do Not Disturb" feature, which allows you to automatically leave the groups. Therefore, you won't have to pay attention to the unnecessary data-consuming apps.

See Who Have Seen Your Messages In Groups

Although you are allowed to see the read notification in direct messages, that is not a benefit in the groups. The Lynx Group has enabled it for the groups too. Therefore, you are allowed to get notified about those who saw your messages.

Unlimited Emoticons

As a beginner, you have to earn a few things along with app use. The Emoticons are such things that you don't get from the very beginning. Thanks to the Lynx group, you are free to use any of the Emoticons that are displaying in the app.

Stealth Alert

If there is an example to show how curious you are, reading unnecessary and unwanted messages will be the best way to do that. But, it allows the sender to notice that you have had access to the message. When it comes to the lynx kik, you are free to read the message without sending a notification to the sender.


How To Install Lynx Kik On The Android Devices

First of all, you have to allow the unknown sources in the settings. As the app is not available in the PlayStore, you have to do it first. After that, you should visit the Lynx official site to download the app. Although there are several websites from where you can download the Lynx KIK, they are not trusted apps. After downloading the Lynx Kik file, you have the freedom to install it. Then, you are all set to enjoy the greatest messenger app without strings held.


What Is the Better One?

Since the Lynx Kik app has got what the typical Kik app has got, it is all about having a positive start. Along with the newly added features, the Lynx Kik app is something that can improve the messaging experience of a user. Because Lynx is someone that can be trusted with lots of previous work, the Lynx kik will always be a better choice.

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