Is i5 6500 Good for Gaming? – Facts And Myths Exaplained In Detail

 Is i5 6500 Good for Gaming? 🤔. Processors have a variety of characteristics and features that might influence gaming performance. When it concerns building or upgrading a PC, the CPU is crucial.


Choosing a CPU for a gaming system might be challenging. Not only should you select components that are compatible with recent games. However, remember that higher-end devices provide a feeling of durability, although more costly because they will undoubtedly be powerful enough to run the newest games in the following years.

The Intel Core i5 6500 is an excellent choice if you have a limited budget and want to play today's best games at minimal presets. So is i5 6500 good for gaming? This guide will explore all the specifications for the i5 6500 and any associated questions.

Read more to discover whether a Core i5 6500 Processor is suitable for running high-resolution graphics-intensive videogames.

This processor got initially introduced in 2015. So it isn't the most recent one, but it may be an incentive to purchase it since it's less expensive than Intel's modern CPUs. Like other Intel CPUs, this CPU has four cores with a clock speed of 3.60 GHz. You can't go much higher since it isn't the generation of the CPU that can get overclocked.

You can acquire a faster clock frequency with the i5 6600K variant, which you can tweak, but you will also require a better or a secondary cooling fan.

It also has an embedded GPU dubbed Intel HD Graphics 530 that must not get utilized for gaming. It implies you must get an additional GPU if you don't own one. The best gaming CPU for your PC is determined by what you want to obtain out of your gameplay adventure and how you want to utilize your machine. Let's get into is i5 6500 good for gaming.

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Is i5 6500 Good for Gaming – All you need to know

The i5 6500 is an excellent gaming CPU. The i5 family quad-core Processors are all ideal for gaming. In general, it will function flawlessly. Many folks usually prefer the unlocked chip for gameplay since it is speedier and can be OC'ed to become even quicker.

The most significant disadvantage here seems to be that processing time is not very quick. For a bit of premium cost, you could get a fair package with an i7 7700, which offers substantially fast loading. So, why should you acquire this?

Quite simply, it is because it is both inexpensive and long-lasting. It stands up to current games, whether as graphically appealing as Monster Hunter or as expeditious as leagues of legends. Whichever you choose, the i5 6500 will have you running at the correct numbers.


Review for games

Most recent AAA games will not constantly run at more than 60 frames per second. However, well-optimized and older classics will be extremely enjoyable as soon as you get a half-decent video card.

In the meantime, your best choice for a video card could be a used GTX 780 Ti or R9 290. These cards are moderately priced and to answer is i5 6500 good for gaming, it will work well with an i5 6500 high definition insignificant games.

However, you will need a robust power source with at least two 6-pin PCI-e power ports and potentially two 8-pin connections for certain overclocked variations. A GTX 960 or R9 270X might suffice if you just got one power connection.

If your Supply lacks PCI-e power ports, an RX 460 or GTX 1050 Ti will be more appropriate. However, such cards are sluggish and typically more costly than earlier high-end cards.

Note: Tactical and driving games perform well at 1080p maximum presets, and so does Fortnite, while Fortress 2 performs admirably at 1440p. You can anticipate comparable productivity if you have a quality video card and a minimum of 2x4GB, preferably 2x8GB RAM.

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The i5-6500 is an exemplary quad-core Processor for gaming. Suppose you're utilizing this CPU and playing standard games at High Definition 1080p quality. There's no point in changing it in that scenario because it is still helpful.

However, if you wish to run 4K videogames with ultra-high visuals while also streaming on Twitch, a Processor with more than four cores is advised. While you may be aware, the most recent Intel Processors contain up to eight or more cores, so for that, you'll need to expand your budget. If budget is a concern, i3 is a viable option.


Bottom Line

The Intel Core i5 6500 processor is suitable for gaming, video work, picture editing, and other tasks; therefore, there is no need to update it. However, if you want additional cores in your CPU, you must consider changing to a more powerful one. But keep in mind that you'll also need a powerful video card to enjoy 4K games.

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