Is 2 Fans Enough For A Gaming PC? - Best Explanation in 2022 March

 Is 2 Fans Enough For A Gaming PC? 🤔. Computer games get played on a computer rather than on a console or arcade. They have more input, processing, and outputting capacity.

Computer fans are fans mounted to the casing of a computer to provide active cooling. They bring cool air from the outside into the enclosure while expelling heated air from within. In computers, cooling fans get required to manage heat, as excessive heat can harm computer parts such as motherboards, CPUs, etc. It brings us back to the topic at hand. Is 2 Fans Enough For A Gaming PC?

This article will explain how many fans get required for a gaming PC and why they are required.

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Why Do You Need A Fan For A Gaming PC?

The other fans will only serve to keep the gaming PC at the temperatures you choose and when you wish to replace some of your components, mainly the CPU.

Even if your gaming PC has a liquid cooling system, fans are still essential. These fans get used to ventilating your computer and are very important for optimal ventilation. While liquid cooling can keep your CPUs and GPUs cold, the remainder of your system must still be cooled and vented with a fan.


Is 2 Fans Enough For A Gaming PC – Answer

So, is 2 fans enough for a gaming PC? To begin with, having too many fans might defeat the point of putting the fans over the first place. Concerning the subject of two fans, it all relies on the case arrangement and hardware having 2 fans, one at the back for exhaust and one in the front for intake. Only two lovers should be installed, particularly for low-end games.

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The CPU requires the most significant cooling, followed by the GPU. Most builds have the exhaust behind the PC. With the outputs behind the PC and the intake near the drive bay, the intakes get located near the drive bay. The majority of the warmth will be quickly removed and replaced by cooler air from the front of the casing.

However, your PC needs ventilation with a liquid cooling system, requiring case fans. It keeps your other components, not only the CPU and GPU, in good working order. You want your parts to be between 50 and 70 degrees. It would be much better if you could keep it lower, and it would undoubtedly help your gaming PC live longer.


Where To Put These Fans?

It is necessary to consider the placement of the fan for gaming pc. An appropriate place would be one near the bottom front to gather air and one near the top rear to expel it. Allowing two fans to suction or blow towards each other or a vent short-circuiting incoming air and forcing it out of the case. Until someone can cool the computer, the rest of the case should get avoided.

There have been several occasions when the gaming PC could not cool itself despite having ten fans. The primary cause was the fans getting positioned incorrectly. All of the fans were trying to draw air in, but inadequate fans were attempting to draw air out.

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Is It Okay To Use It At Max Speed?

Apart from Is 2 Fans Enough For A Gaming PC, let's discuss the speeds. Setting fans at maximum speed can help you overcome airflow fast, but it has two significant drawbacks. To begin with,

  • Running the fan at maximum speed will produce excessive noise.


  • Second, it will reduce the fan's lifespan. It's best to adjust the fan settings based on how much heat the system generates.

In our years of playing with gaming computers and fans, we've seen fans on "low" turn die early, and fans on "max" turn last a long time and decades. As long as heat isn't an issue, we recommend lowering the fans to the lowest level possible, only enough to remove the debris and dust.


Liquid Cooling Vs. Fan Case

Once it comes to cooling your gaming PC, you have two choices: add case fans or go with liquid cooling. Using a water cooler or a water block to maintain the temperature is the essence of liquid cooling.

Whenever you install a water cooler, the design of your cooling alters on a whole new level. The best matches are intake fans over the front of your Desktop and a liquid cooler on top of the system. Even if you're playing high-end, GPU- or CPU-intensive games, this will ultimately prevent your machine from overheating.


Final Thought

When building your gaming PC, you may overlook little details such as case fans. However, all seasoned gamers understand how vital a fan is for a gaming computer. Adding more than two case fans right away is worthwhile when you plan to game frequently and frequently upgrade.

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