Does ReadyBoost Help Gaming? Don’t panic. Read This First

 Have you ever bothered waiting for your gaming System to launch for an extended time? Thankfully, there is a simple alternative: ReadyBoost. However, does ReadyBoost help gaming. ReadyBoost hypothesizes that it assists older systems with little RAM to expedite.

But, no one knows how big of an influence this technique has; therefore, we planned to conduct our tests to see if ReadyBoost had a good or detrimental effect. This article will demonstrate how to utilize external drives as caching to boost speed by approximately 33%. It's fast and straightforward, yet it might be the distinction between success and failure.

Read more about ReadyBoost and how to enhance your gaming performance.


ReadyBoost is a function that gets first offered with Windows Vista. It adds USB data storage and other auxiliary flash drives storage to the desktop total system capacity. ReadyBoost gets intended to improve Windows functionality without requiring the installation of more RAM on the PC.

Microsoft advises using one to four times the number of RAM configured in your PC while using ReadyBoost. For instance, if your system got 512 MB RAM and you attach a 4 GB Memory stick, allocating 512 MB to 1.5 GB with that drive provides the optimum speed improvement. Let's look at does ReadyBoost help gaming.


Does ReadyBoost Help Gaming – All you need to know

It is a temporary solution that takes advantage of free and underutilized access to the hard disk. There are no immediate gameplay benefits. But we'll go through what ReadyBoost performs and why you may want to utilize it when you're not in the routine of completing routine servicing.

ReadyBoost is a Microsoft utility that stores detailed data onto quicker drives than your device's sluggish inner disk. When the system requests those documents again, they get retrieved from the more immediate medium rather than the idle local hard disks, generally magnet. It gives some efficiency increases when Live Activities demand high input/output frequencies. It includes fast opening big files containing media content, including computer games. The following live activities will profit the most:

Launching software: Startup durations must get significantly reduced. Accessing files and photos: Opening durations must dramatically get reduced. Use a system with hard disks (HDD) to enjoy the gameplay as the primary storage source. If utilized appropriately, ReadyBoost may deliver some efficiency benefits.

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Gaming Performance

Apart from knowing, does ReadyBoost help gaming. It is crucial to remember that the ReadyBoost storage does not require to be an auxiliary storage device or SSD; regular USB would suffice. The only condition is that it contains sufficient free capacity, preferably at least 256 MB of accessible bytes. Many USB drives offer by the standard. And don't stress about erasing your information: Windows deletes any items in this caching once they're no more required. ReadyBoost also needs continuous power to conduct all its functions, so be confident your device has enough battery capacity or a trustworthy adapter.

If you have Microsoft Vista, ReadyBoost will operate in the meantime, and cache information from drives to any USB drives hooked into your system as required. Playing games with an HDD is among the most well-known applications for ReadyBoost.

If you wish to utilize it, ensure that all games, particularly those with high needs, are stored on SSD drives rather than standard HDDs, which might suffer tremendously. Since their read/write rates are worse than those of flash memory alternatives such as SDDs or portable flash drives.


Bottom Line

The ReadyBoost caching might not always create enough of a contribution in day-to-day system chores and online surfing. However, it's demonstrated to enhance frame rates by up to 15% in gameplay situations where rapid reaction times are crucial.

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