Brown Dust Tier List (Brown Dust Reddit) May 2022

 Brown dust tier list/ Brown Dust is a tactical role-playing game that is also called brave nine. The collection of heroes along with the adventures make you a lover in the game. It comprises several levels, missions, and game modes too.

The developers GAMFS Inc and Neowiz developed the game by adding some tweaks which were frequently asked by the players.

You can download the game for free via Google Play Store. You need to battle with the other players using moves and tactics. The Brown Dust Tier list will help you to get an idea about the formation of your group.


Selecting criteria of the brown dust tier list

You will find ranks for all the players in the brown dust game in this article. They have won stars. Mercenaries or mercs are categorized into groups concerning their rarity and overall combat ability.

The 5-star mercenaries are the valued characters that will offer the best attributes and throughout the game. The 4-star characters are not powerful as 5-star ones. Some players underestimate 3-star mercenaries. You need to give an immense amount of time for them to sharpen their skills. They also can be competitive. If you are a beginner, then these characters will help you to learn the basics of the game.

It is better to design a team of mercs that will drive you towards victory in the game.


Keep Rerolling

Are you not happy with the team of mercenaries? You get a chance to summon mercs at the beginning of the game. You can opt for a ‘reroll’ when you are not happy with the initial units.

You need to delete the account and start over in rerolling. The number of rerolls is unlimited. The game has introduced a 3-minute cooldown between rerolls.


The mechanics to play Brown Dust Game

The party management and combat strategy are the core mechanics of Brown Dust.



Mercenaries or mercs are the names of the main characters in Brown Dust Game. The roles in the game are warriors or attackers, defenders or tankers, magicians, and supporters.

Warriors or attackers: They are high DPS mercenaries. They will destroy your enemies by causing huge damage. They are a kind of sword or weapon for your side.

The defenders or tankers: They defense mercenaries to block attacks and protect allies. You will get protection for them.

The magicians: They are competent in AoE attacks and will drive away a group of enemies. The magicians are one of the best tactics that you can use in a battle.

The Supporters: You need the support of supporters to buff or heal allies. You can strategically counter the moves of opponents with the help of supporters.



You need to place the party in a 6 × 3 grid in Brown Dust. It is called Combat. After settling the mercs, the battle begins. You can’t select the skills of mercs to use during the battle. You need to wait and watch the results.

Unit classes and placement are really important in the game due to the position-centric theme of battle. Try to place the defenders in front and others behind them.


The tier list will help you to build the best party lineup to win the game.

5-star mercenaries; brown dust tier list

S tier

LuciusDefenderFallen Angel
AsmodeSupportTouch of Desire
SeirDefenderDevil’s Revenge
LeviaMagicianForbidden Power
GranhildrDefenderGodship’s Shield
VenakaSupportVigorous Dance
FoxyWarriorCombat Manual
SetoWarriorDominant Force
ValzeWarriorBlade of Betrayal
BeliathSupportSkeleton Contract
EdinWarriorUnholy Power
ChristinaWarriorTricolor Bomb
RefitheaSupportHelp, Glutti!


A – Tier

VelfernMagicianPandora’s Box
LillianMagicianEndless Revenge
AlecWarriorUltimate Power
JinWarriorGale Sword
DeomaronDefenderCursed Shield
VeroniaSupportSaving Light
AaronDefenderLight of Reflection
SiegmundWarriorPaladin’s Will
ArkanDefenderCelestial Blessing
NartasMagicianRelease Disaster
AngelicaWarriorDivine Darkness


B- Tier

HijinMagicianSoul of Fire
GuntherWarriorDescending Fire Dragon
HelenaSupportLet’s Sing Together!
ThemisSupportLight of Protection
AnubisMagicianForewarning of Doom
KainaWarriorSacred Fury
ElijaWarriorBeast Taming



SabrinaSupportMember Encouragement
MichaelaSupportMaddening Faith
CeciliaDefenderAbyss Shield
GlaciaDefenderGlacial Shield
DalviWarriorMillennial Wait
GloriaDefenderScales of Judgement
ZenithDefenderHunter Instinct
MarySupportHero’s Song



EliseMagicianDeath Ending Love
ClaudiaMagicianMarionette’s Rondo
VentanaWarriorDraw Sword
FloriaSupportMother Nature
BarbaraWarriorJavelin Throw
GarinothMagicianSoul Collapse
BathoryMagicianAll Mine!
KaoliDefenderChampion Shield
YmirDefenderTitan’s Sword
ValtorMagicianMother Nature’s Power
KainaWarriorSacred Fury
RafinaDefenderMechanical Dive
AstridDefenderGuardian’s Creed


4-Star Mercenaries

S- Tier

CeresSupportEye of Mana
HellMagicianPrayer for Destruction
NiyaWarriorCat Punch
JosephDefenderPagan Declaration
LetoWarriorShadow Blade
IrisDefenderIrresistible Charm
CoretteWarriorWitness Elimination



JohnSupportLight Barrier
EunrangWarriorRear Ambush
AlcheWarriorDestructive Hammer
JacklinDefenderEscort Stance
LeahMagicianDestructive Lightning
ViolaWarriorShadow Arrow
EstherMagicianConjuration of Affliction



BrisaWarriorThree Musketeers’ Wisdom
Dr. MorganWarriorTime Bomb
OrienneWarriorLethal Wounds
BrunoMagicianNeo Armstrong Jet Cannon
MoraDefenderAnger of Tenacity



ReneDefenderPurifying Spear
VarionWarriorI’ll Copy You!
MayaWarriorMark of Prey
MagnusMagicianMagical Predation
CamillaWarriorThree Musketeers’ Fury


3-Star Mercenaries


CarlsonDefenderFirm Will
ClarisSupportPrayer of Protection
VelonaMagicianFlame Explosion
BeatriceWarriorI’ll Beat You!
CordeliaWarriorRed Flame Sword
MariaMagicianDestructive Magic
Hyeon WolSupportLight of Reinforcement
CordeliaWarriorRed Flame Sword



RonWarriorMocking Bash
MarronWarriorPiercing Shriek
ArinesSupportBear Up!
MarleneMagicianMagic Orb



BranWarriorMusket Fire
MercedesDefenderMirror Shield
JulieSupport Spiritual Recovery 
KozakWarriorBone Crusher
WiggleWarriorFire in the Hole!



LydiaWarriorDrilled Thrust
MelodyMagicianFlash Explosion
RigenetteWarriorCritical Arrow
SloanDefenderToxic Spurt
AseraSupportWound Explosion


To Sum Up;

Brown Dust award rewards to skilled players. The tier list helps you to be at the forefront of the game.

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